Christian Wagner

Interior of the Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia


The Hagia Sophia in the early morning, a moment of everlasting beauty. After an hour of patient waiting, the gates open to this cathedral of time, a temple of eternity. Here, in the midst of colossal architecture, space and time fade like whispers in the wind as one is drawn into the spell of this majestic splendour.

The sound of hundreds of visitors, striding on socks, fills the enormous halls. A polyphonic murmur that blends harmoniously with the silence of awe. And yet, like a breath of lightness, two cats gently roam the slightly damp floor, sometimes here, sometimes there, as if they were guardians of this sacred place.

In the midst of the imposing space, in a place of silence and devotion, individual men kneel and pray reverently. Their humility and devotion give the Hagia Sophia an aura of mystery and grandeur.

In a secluded side wing, hidden in semi-darkness, women pray, sheltered from the prying eyes of the world. Their voices rise like a delicate song that pierces the silence and touches the soul. Here, in the Hagia Sophia, past, present and future merge into an unforgettable experience – a moment in which humanity meets itself and reveals the eternal beauty of our existence.

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