Christian Wagner


Main facts

Born in Luxembourg

Living in Vienna, Austria

Out of the scripted life since 2015


Kiva supporter


Favorite camera so far
Canon EOS R

Cameras owned so far: 6

Cameras killed: 0

Lenses killed: 0

Years of photoshop experience: > 20

Favorite topics:
Travel, nature, macro, minimalism

Travel facts

Items I got stolen on my trips so far:
1x phone, 1x passport, 130 € of money

Best curry eaten:
Black Rose, Bagan, Myanmar

Place where I sweated most:
Hanoi, Vietnam

Most impressive landscapes seen:
Andes, Namib Desert, Rocky Mountains, Iceland, Halong Bay

Favourite cities visited so far:
Helsinki, Stockholm, Wellington, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Seoul

Best unusual Christmas  celebrated:
North Korean Embassy, Yangon

Times chased by wild animals: 1

Times with poisonous animals in bed: 1

Rare animals ignored: 1

Drug plantations discovered: 1

Times in hospital on the road: 0

Shootings in front of hotel: 1

Best unusual New Years Eve celebrated in:
A farmers village in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Favourite continent:

Next destination:

Big earthquakes missed by one week: 1

Transport life

Best airline flown:

Worst airline flown:

Airplane take offs cancelled: 1

Near collisions with other airplane: 1

Flights missed: 2

Worst rental car:
Mitsubishi Express L300

Longest time flown within 48 hours:
26 hours

Foot life

Longest barefoot walk in one day: 60 km

Longest barefoot multiday walk:
2 x 42km

Longest multi-day walk:

Favourite pair of shoes:
VIBRAM® FiveFingers® V-ALPHA

Hardest march finished:
Einhornmarsch, Seefeld, Tyrol

Windiest march finished:
Vaasa, Finland

Hottest march finished:
Diekirch, Luxembourg

Wettest march finished:
Kaunas, Lituania

Highest marching achievement
European Walker Bronze Medal

Culture life

Best books read in the last couple of years:
Unscripted – MJ DeMarco
Sapiens | Yuval Noah Harari

Favourite stand-up comedians:
Gabriel Iglesias, Felix Lobrecht, Maxi Gstettenbauer

Favorite author:
Andreas Altmann

Favorite music artists:
Kings of Convenience, Fleetwood Mac, Erlend Øye, Queen, Michael Jackson, Kommode, Udo Lindenberg, Pur, …

Favourite movies:
Grand Hotel Budapest, Les Ardennes

Books per year:

Regular reader of:
Brandeins, Stern Crime, Dummy

Best live acts seen so far:

Sixto Rodriguez, Mike Dawes, Nings of Convenience, Ehrlich Brothers, Udo Lindenberg, Simply Red, Pur


Best brewery in Vienna:
Ten Fifty

Best pizza in Vienna:
Piazza Colombo

Best restaurant in Vienna:
Schlawiener Wirtshaus

Favourite beer style:
Imperial Pale Ale

One life. One chance.*

* Yes you will die – and there will be no holy wonderland afterlife with virgins and unicorns. So do something with your life.

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